Hetai Xinguang is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of biological raw materials. Relying on the microbial fermentation technology and production platform with its own intellectual property rights, with the main goal of developing innovative polysaccharide drugs, Hetai Xinguang develops new food raw materials, animal feed additives, cosmetics raw materials, flocculants and biomedical raw materials that are conducive to human health.
The company is based on β- Dextran, a core product, links the three main business segments of daily chemical products, healthy food and animal nutrition. Relying on continuous R & D investment, solid technical strength, reliable product quality, orderly dealer management and high-quality customer service, it has won wide recognition from downstream customers and established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many well-known customers. In the daily chemical business segment, the company's main customers are Yunnan Baiyao, betaine, northbell, etc; In the health food sector, the company's main customers include Zhengda Pharmaceutical Group, JUNLEBAO, etc; In the animal nutrition section, the company's main customers include Haida group, Bohai aquatic products, etc. The company has its own independent R & D department, located in Chengdu Tianfu Life Science Park, with an internationally leading biotechnology R & D team. The production plant of the company is located in Luojiang Industrial Park, Deyang City, with a production workshop of nearly 20000 square meters and a quality control system laboratory, which independently completes the production task of compound production of 200 tons of high-purity bioactive polysaccharide products per year. The company has strong technical talent advantages and R & D strength, and has successively built a joint laboratory with Kunming Institute of zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, mainly engaged in the cooperative development of innovative peptide drugs; In cooperation with COFCO and Sichuan Agricultural University, the China disease resistance and nutrition innovation engineering technology research and development center was established, focusing on the development of animal resistance limiting and reducing biotechnology products endowed by the Ministry of agriculture; It has established close technological R & D and innovation cooperation with the Institute of Subtropical Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing University of technology, China Agricultural University, Guangdong Sun Yat sen University, Sichuan University, Hunan Normal University and Sichuan Agricultural University, and has carried out many projects β- 1, 3 glucan co research projects, a total of more than 70 relevant scientific research papers have been published, including 54 "SCI"; It has more than 40 national invention patents and PCT, and has been approved by inci, FDA gras, Chinese new food raw materials and other heavyweight certifications. The company has won the titles of "science and technology project support plan of Sichuan Provincial Department of science and technology", the "small and medium-sized enterprise innovation fund" of the Ministry of science and technology, the "Chengdu strategic emerging industry project" and the "Chengdu industry university research and development laboratory". Since 2017, the company has passed the review of national high-tech enterprises for two consecutive sessions, becoming a leading-edge technology enterprise in polysaccharide research in China and even the world. In the future, the company will strive to create a world-class international health source enterprise with natural, safe, efficient and high-quality products, and make due contributions to promoting the health of the global population.
Second floor, Zhuyun Qinghua Business Building, 42 Qinghua road, Chengdu, Sichuan Province
Tel: 028-86621521
Food business department Tel: 400-678-1228
R & D department:
703, building B6, No. 88, Keyuan South Road, high tech Zone, Chengdu
Tel: 028-85219331

Selikon factory:
188 Xingye Avenue, Chengnan Industrial Park, Luojiang Economic Development Zone, Sichuan
Tel: 0838-3305666

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