JanFa Zhang
Jun He
LiShi Zhang
Dario LIU
张建法 JanFa Zhang
Professor: Director, vice president of Health Research Institute
Prof. silhouette, doctoral supervisor. Professor Zhang Jianfa is a member of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) and the American Society of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics (aspet). He is also a member of the science evaluation group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He is an outstanding talent of the Ministry of education in the new century and enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. He led the research on new beta glucan with completely independent intellectual property rights, and published relevant achievements in Applied Microbiology and biotechnology, letters in Applied Microbiology, carbohydrate polymers, food hydrocolloids and other professional journals.
何军 Jun He
Professor: chief scientist of the Institute of health and deputy director of the academic committee of the Institute
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biochemistry, umeo University, Sweden; Changjiang Scholar; Leading talents of the national "ten thousand talents plan"; National outstanding youth; Researcher and doctoral supervisor of Institute of animal nutrition, Sichuan Agricultural University. He has presided over more than 20 National Natural Science Foundation and national scientific research projects, and more than 100 SCI papers. As the host or main researcher, he has won 9 science and technology awards above the Ministry and provincial level, and 11 authorized patents.
张立实 LiShi Zhang
Professor: Chief Consultant
Professor / doctoral supervisor, Department of nutritional food hygiene, West China School of public health, Sichuan University. Now he is a member of the national food safety risk assessment expert committee; Member of the national food safety standard review committee; Health food and special medical food review experts of the State Administration of market supervision; He has been engaged in teaching and scientific research in the field of nutrition and food safety for a long time, has undertaken and completed more than 50 national, ministerial and provincial scientific research projects, won seven scientific and technological achievement awards, and published more than 400 papers. It has trained more than 100 doctoral and master's students. In 2002, he was selected as the academic and technical leader of Sichuan Province and won the honorary title of national excellent scientific and technological worker in 2010.
刘学东(Dario LIU)
Technical Director of the Daily Chemicals Division

With over 17 years of experience in skincare and beauty research and development, Dario LIU has worked at the Johnson & Johnson Global Innovation Center and L'Oréal Global R&D Center. He also possesses more than 5 years of research experience in the United States and France. Proficient in establishing international R&D systems, he took the lead in establishing the Sanda R&D Center and the Fawa Facial Care Research Institute.

He has previously led international teams in the areas of whitening, anti-aging products, and makeup technology, and his technical concepts meet top international standards. Dario holds more than 15 invention patents and has authored over 20 papers in both Chinese and English.

His current focus areas include:

>Technology-driven brand development strategies >Research on skin issues and solutions >Systematic research on cosmetics technology development and efficacy assessment >Functional ingredient synthesis and their efficacy expression in the biological system
>Analysis and simulation of skin optical systems

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